Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"somebody's got a birthday....

I wonder who. Somebody's got a birthday. I think it's YOU!"

Such is the song my mother sings the entire month of your birthday and friends, this month is MY month. As promised, here is my birthday list. Gifts are not required but appreciated ;)
Happy #26 to me come next Wednesday! Yee Haw!

  • new sheets 
  • white undershirt (but not downeast)
  • white tank top
  • copy of Catching Fire
  • ironing board
  • iTunes giftcard
  • auxiliary cord (to play music in my car)
  • dollar movies for the collection
  • pair of black skinny jeans
  • dress pants
  • thick silver belt
  • flowers
  • 26 of something (just for you, Maggie)
  • matching shams to my bedspread *Target*
  • "Gladiator" sandals
  • new journal
  • fedora 
  • floor lamp
  • cookie sheets
  • colored jeans
  • movie "42"
  • drink pitcher
  • anything from World Market
  • sleeping bag
  • dutch oven
  • patio/camp chairs
  • air mattress
  • moose pillow pet (yes, you read that right)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

rain, roses, laundry and moosen

This week has been INSANE no matter how I try and spin it. I am always up for adventures and the bigger the better in my opinion. Zim says that I make a great Bilbo Baggins. I guess she’s right. Every time another adventure starts, I grab my “pack” and start running. (Figuratively and literally speaking)

Monday: I learned that there will be further structural changes to happen in my corporate universe within the next few weeks and I am feeling terribly unsettled. I still have a job but there is no telling what will be added to my responsibilities. To be honest, I want more. I can do more. So maybe this whole thing will sway in my favor…..but I won’t count my chickens yet.

After a crazy day at work, I went with the roommates to FHE. The Bishop’s wife came over and said that our house must be one of the most fun in the ward. We just laughed. Although, yes, Sister E. I would have to agree since every night feels like a huge slumber party. We ate “Mexican Haystacks” that were prepared by Sister D and, oh my heavens, they were delicious! I am slowly learning how to cook more than pasta and scrambled eggs so a complete meal was heaven! We sat outside in the rain with the rest of the ward while Brother D shared a thought about journal writing. It was a well needed wake-up call as I heard one of the high councilmen talk about how greatly he values the thoughts and stories his sister has recorded while she has been dealing with cancer. My struggles cannot be compared with the trials of dealing with cancer but Brother D also shared that writing in a journal reminds us that our personal story is important. If you are feeling down and out or lonely, record how you have seen the Lord’s hand in your life and it will instantly turn things around. Amen and amen, Brother D!!!

To end Monday’s adventure, we headed home and cozied up to our favorite gentlemen on this season of The Bachelorette. Drama, drama, drama! I haven’t been one to watch this series in the past. Most often, I’ll get the low-down from Melanie. I’ll admit it. I’m addicted. Brooks, your hair is a little funky but I’d give you a rose every day of the week! If it doesn’t work out with Des, you could come back to Salt Lake and date me…. Just sayin’ :)

Tuesday: Life has yet to settle down in my corporate world but Tuesday was more of a quiet buzz than anything. Everyone survived.

I was scheduled to meet with my Bishop so I had to miss movie fun with the roommates. They tell me White House Down is worth checking out! (and for more than simply drooling over Channing Tatum) I ate dinner alone while watching Puss in Boots. (Sidenote: I started watching the movie down in Provo late at night with friends but I still have yet to see the ending. Two strikes… Third time is the charm??)  I got a little lost trying to find Bishop’s office by myself since the other times I’ve been in the building, I simply followed Jen and Sasha around. I had a great interview with the Bishop and I even received a calling! Woohoo….

Afterwards, I realized that I was in dire need of doing some laundry. When I agreed to move in, there was a washer and dryer in the house. When Susan left, she took them with her and we have been trying to get the landlady to buy us new ones for the past three to four weeks. We are further along in the process but no W/D as of yet. On Sunday, Oma said that I could come over any time. (I realize that a number of people have offered to help me but it was incredibly last minute.) I called as I left my house and heard talking in the background but I just figured it was the television. When I pulled up, my aunt and uncle and cousins were over for dinner and here I go walking through with dirty clothes…. Uncle Carl and my cousin, Jack, tried really hard to tease me. Seriously folks, some things are necessities and you deal with them too! Still, it was a fun visit. Jack told me some of his cop stories and how he hit himself in the eye while fighting a guy. Note to self: When fighting a criminal, don’t jump on his back with your fighting stick in hand. It will bounce up and hit you in the eye!

Wednesday: Yesterday was an adventure from the moment I woke up. To accurately explain the number of adventures that happened that day, it would require its own post. Let’s just say work was crazy and frustrating so I high-tailed it to Temple Square to regain my perspective. While there, I ran into my new friend, Julie. We both ended up in front of the Church Office Building to pray. Coincidence? Are you kidding me?! 

Later in the afternoon, I ran into Click who “just happened” to be standing outside my office. I say “just happened” because she had no idea that is where I work but I refuse to believe in coincidences. There is no way the Lord isn’t completely in control of things like that.

Melanie and I headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon because she hadn’t been to see Lake Mary. I received the best Brighton fix in the form of three moose and an epic sunset. As we hiked, I could hear the campers at cookouts and over-nighter and it made my heart twinge. I am definitely a beehive at heart. Brighton LDS Girls’ Camp pumps through my veins.

The night ended with a visit at Zim's cabin and a package of birthday cake oreos for the drive down the canyon. By this time, it was 11pm and the deer love to make themselves known on the road. I drove with my brights on and I'm sure that I annoyed more than a few drivers headed the opposite way. (I really DID try to flip my brights off when I saw a car coming. I simply wasn't always smarter than the switch.) 

My take away from the past three days is a reminder of the knowledge that Heavenly Father is aware of us. He knows our struggles. He knows our heartaches. He knows us better than we know ourselves. And after everything, He still loves us unconditionally so He places people in our path who make life amazing! No matter what!